age (plural ages)

  1. The whole duration of a being, whether animal, vegetable, or other kind; lifetime.
  2. That part of the duration of a being or a thing which is between its beginning and any given time.
    What is the present age of a man, or of the earth?
  3. The latter part of life; an advanced period of life; seniority; state of being old.
  4. One of the stages of life; as, the age of infancy, of youth, etc.
  5. Mature age; especially, the time of life at which one attains full personal rights and capacities.
    to come of age
    he (or she) is of age
  6. The time of life at which some particular power or capacity is understood to become vested.
    the age of consent
    the age of discretion
  7. (time): A particular period of time in history, as distinguished from others.
    the golden age
    the age of Pericles
  8. (time): A great period in the history of the Earth.
  9. A century; the period of one hundred years.
  10. The people who live at a particular period.
  11. Hence, a generation.
  12. A long time.

3 letters in word "age": A E G.

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ae ag ea

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